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JANUARY 17th - 25th, 2019











Welcome to the Beautiful Farm of Life!



Come celebrate your journey to health and learn the transformational arts of Nature Cure to access the Vital Force and innate healing intelligence within You to deeply heal, rejuvenate and experience life with true wellbeing.


Reset and renew with deliciously nourishing fresh, organic, local, and living raw vegan foods and the power of vitalistic naturopathic medicine to jumpstart your health for the new year.


Experience a holistic, back to nature immersion in a pristine setting to realign your body, mind, and heart to tap into your vast healing potential.

Come celebrate your journey to health and learn the transformational arts of Nature Cure to access the Vital Force and innate healing intelligence within You to deeply heal and experience life with true wellbeing.
Health freedom is your birthright.  It’s a path paved in Self-Love, living in harmony with Natural Laws that govern human health and happiness, honoring the struggle and a fierce commitment to full acceptance of Your beautiful uniqueness and process.
Whether you’re struggling with a particular health concern, want to drop some unneeded bodyweight, or simply need a nurturing and supportive container to do some deeper inward reflection as you embrace the new year, this will undoubtedly be a week of profound breakthroughs and upgrades to your health.


  • One night's stay on your arrival night (Jan 17th) at Margarita's Guest House, a quaint local BnB, to rest and be ready for a group shuttle the following morning on the 18th to the Farm.  Dinner on arrival and breakfast the following morning is included.  Margarita's is a short and inexpensive taxi ride 10 minutes from the airport in Alajuela, Costa Rica.  This reservation will be made for you once we confirm your registration. 
  • ***If you prefer a more comfortable or up-scale accommodation on your arrival night please feel free stay at a hotel near the airport of your choosing and expense.*** 
  • Transportation via a van shuttle service to the Farm on the 18th and from the Farm to the airport on the 25th to return home 
  • 7 nights accommodation at The Farm of Life
  • Simple, raw vegan, '80/10/10-inspired' meals (chosen for it's detoxifying, healing, and energizing qualities)
    • Breakfast: Fruit, green smoothies, & fruit puddings
    • Lunch: Fruit to-go for daytime Tours and on campus:  raw 'cinnabuns', banana pancakes, exotic fruit spread.
    • Dinner:  3 course raw meals - Starters of fruit smoothies or fruit soups, salads with delicious low-fat raw  dressings and a few higher-fat 'gourmet' options
  • Raw food culinary skills and food prep demonstrations 
  • Daily Yoga classes with varying styles offered from the yoga platform overlooking the pristine and wild jungle landscape 
  • Off-campus excursions and activities (travel included)
    • Enchanting rainforest and waterfall hikes
    • Dominical and Baru beaches
    • Tinamaste Market 
  • One-on-one health history and lifestyle consultation 
  • Health talks and QnA covering topics on holistic diet and lifestyle practices to create your blueprint for optimal wellness.  
    • Most importantly you'll learn PRACTICAL APPLICATION tips and strategies to make lasting changes back home.  You'll come away with a newfound sense of empowerment, community with lasting connections, and motivation for actually implementing new aspects of a holistically healthy and balanced way of living back home. 
  • Farm and permaculture tours 
  • Sound Bath and meditation sessions
    • Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls to invoke a deep state of relaxation. Meditating on the subtle sounds and vibrations of the bowls opens and harmonizes the chakras, while the Gong vibrates across the spectrum of creation through the sound vibration 'Om'. Sound therapy sessions assists in entering into meditation, has a centering effect and synchronizes the left and right brain.
  • Evening activities include campfires, movie night, and an awakening the senses workshop.
  • An authentic cacao ceremony celebrates the cacao plant as a food of the Gods!  Our wise Aztec and Mayan ancestors knew of the sacred medicinal properties of cacao and they consumed it abundantly in their royal courts and for ceremony. We create a uniquely profound ceremonial experience for you by bringing together the cacao medicine with divinely-inspired purification rituals, meditation, healing touch, and ecstatic dance to assist in opening the heart and spirit.
  • Guided introduction to sunrise sun-gazing with Brian Calvi. Sungazing is an ancient Egyptian and Mayan practice where the gazer cycles earth and solar energies and receives innumerable healing benefits.
  • Full use of amenities at Farm of Life including Vitality Cool pool, chemical-free Infinite Pool, Jungle gym & Walking trail hikes, and Wifi.
  • Mid-Week Room & Laundry Service

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to take a deep dive into a raw foods lifestyle and prepare to take your health to a new level in the new year.


Enjoy some amazing adventures, activities, and new experiences surrounded by an environment or healing like none other and like-minded people that are also committed to self-development and living in abundance with supreme health.


Take in all that this enchanting place has to offer while learning about holistic health from a new paradigm.


Whether you have been on the raw foods or fruitarian path for quite some time or you're brand new to this lifestyle YOU are welcome here and will surely come away with new invaluable tools that will aid you for the rest of your life as you continue your healing journey.


We will be covering the essentials  for longterm success on a raw foods diet and teaching a system of natural healing that empowers you to harmonize all aspects of your life to achieve and maintain optimal vitality.     

Meet Your Guides

Dr. Jennifer Markham, ND

Ahmago G, HHC

Dr. Jennifer Markham

Dr. Jennifer Markham is a naturopathic doctor who received her degree from Arizona's Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2016.  

Her personal journey through disease was one of her driving forces to becoming a naturopathic doctor.  She gained invaluable experience and understanding of the struggles of illness and the steps and journey to healing.  This is why she is passionate about helping others regain balance in their bodies, mind, and spirit.

She is a licensed ND in Arizona where she has teamed with The American Center for Biological Medicine, the office of Dr. Dickson Thom & Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot.  

She runs her private practice, Vitality Healing Centre, in Colorado where she is registered and practiced for the first 1.5 years after her graduation.  

She began studying Biotherapeutic Drainage her first month in medical school and has utilized it in her practice since day one.  Known as "the drainage doc" by her colleagues, she is passionate about vitalism, plant-based medicine, and is working on her first book this year on these passions.

Dr. Markham sees a variety of patients with conditions, such as autoimmune disease, mental/emotional disturbances, endocrine and metabolic diseases, infertility, and cancer.  

Her therapies include biotherapeutic drainage as a foundation, gemstone therapies, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, and she practices holistic counseling principles as taught by the wonderful Dr. Moshe.  

She desires to inspire and motivate her patients to their highest consciousness through healing the body, mind, and spirit.  

She knows firsthand the healing power of nature and the incredible healing potential of the body. This is why she is offering Transformation with Nature, to assist healing of the whole being in the presence of nature, through natural laws (sunshine, clean water, movement, quality sleep, loving relationships, and fun), and natural healing modalities.


Ahmago G

Ever since an early-aged health awakening, Ahmago has spent the last 15 years immersed in the study of the crafts and sciences of health, nutrition, and human potential according to a broad spectrum of medical traditions, therapeutic nutritional protocols, diet philosophies, health modalities, and healing arts.  

Enlivened by self-experimentation, the effects of food on the body and mind, a deep conviction to help others out of needless suffering, and to find solutions to his own health struggles, he became a holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012.  

This proved to be a pivotal time in his life that brought the discoveries of the vegan, raw food, and fruit-based lifestyles, powerful life practices of detoxification and cleansing such as juice feasting, and Natural Hygienic lifestyle, the science of human health.  These all played a significant role in his recovery from severe IBS, dysbiosis that resulted from chronic antibiotics use, candidiasis, acne, arthritis, at times crippling depression and anxiety, and chronic fatigue. 

Inspired by the beautiful simplicity of the blueprint of health and happiness that Nature has outlined for us, he takes a pragmatic and evidenced approach to wellness for himself and clients, that is also balanced and guided by intuition, spirituality, and total-body awareness.  

Teachings found in his programs include: 

- Demystifying weight loss and how to not only lose weight healthfully but to maintain your sanity as well as HONOR and ENJOY YOUR PROCESS 

- Resolving Food Addictions, Cravings, Overeating & Disordered Eating by 'Escaping the Pleasure Trap'

- Understanding the truth about Self-Esteem and how it's either empowering or crippling you along your journey for health and happiness

- How to systematically and strategically RAISE SELF-ESTEEM to accelerate health to achieve not only shorter-term goals but to actualize your immense potential for wellbeing and longterm vision for your life.  This IS the key to making LASTING IMPROVEMENTS IN YOUR HEALTH, HAPPINESS, & LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES.

- How to transition and thrive longterm on a Plant-Based, Raw Foods OR Fruit-Focused diet and lifestyle for Profound Health Breakthroughs and Life Enhancements 

- Practical At-Home Cleansing & Detoxification Practices

- Juice Feasting for Deeper & Accelerated Healing 

He's currently co-authoring the upcoming course ‘The Ultimate Acne Fix' to help young and adult men naturally heal chronic acne without drugs, supplements, or topicals.

As a social change advocate and health visionary he feels that when even a single person experiences the profound health breakthroughs that are possible from taking a 'solid food vacation' on juices and adopting a raw vegan diet, the whole world is elevated.  

His life is dedicated to service through sharing this message of health freedom through the reconnection with nature and cultivation of complete self-love and acceptance.  He finds pure joy and true bliss being outdoors, hiking or cycling, and eating locally grown, tree or vine-ripened, deliciously sweet, juicy fruit!

Farm of Life Hosts

Brian & Jody Calvi

Your hosts, husband and wife team Brian and Jody Calvi, are often described as the perfect compliment to one another, the Yin and the Yang of Farm of Life.  While Brian is an adept visionary and teacher, Jody is the maestra of details.  They keep a pulse on the needs of the guests, farm, employees, volunteers, etc and together manage nearly every aspect of farm life.  Brian and Jody are attentive to the guest experience, seeking excellence for you in all aspects.  They specifically provide assistance, education, support and motivation, arranging tours and services, guiding tours, giving health coaching, sound therapy, water aerobics and reiki, teaching workshops and Qigong and so much more.  

Their respective histories recovering from chronic disease inspired them to open Farm of Life. They are grateful for the healing journey they’ve experienced, and feel their higher purpose is to give back to others in need.  You can read about their journey to wellness at the bottom of this section, including Brian’s triumph over Fibromyalgia and Jody’s lifelong journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Asthma.

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January 17th - 25th, 2019


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